Our Commitment
to your Business

Property Valuation

Funds, wealth managers,
institutional investors,
property managers

  • Purchase valuation reports
  • Sale price estimates
  • Fund reports for share values & regulatory requirements

Banks, financial institutions
in Germany & abroad

  • Valuations for financing
  • Market and mortgage lending values
  • Long-term sustainable values
  • Building progress reports
  • Property inspections
  • Preliminary valuations
  • Monitoring

Tax advisors, lawyers, accountants,
courts, insolvency administrators,
private persons

  • Valuations for inheritance
  • Gifts
  • Succession planning
  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Companies, industrial firms, accounting, controlling,
CFOs, corporate real estate management

  • Financial statements
  • Purchase & sale
  • Impairment tests
  • Feasibility studies
  • Value creation
  • Succession planning
  • Document sourcing for data rooms
  • Second opinions
  • Apportionment of land & buildings
  • Company purchase/sale & M&A

Owners, portfolio managers, purchasers,
property managers, controllers, risk analysts

  • Estimates of insurance value for insurance purposes
  • Due diligence reports

Real Estate Consultancy

Owners, purchasers, CFOs,
senior management and board members

  • Presentations & in-house seminars
  • Arbitration & litigation support
  • Documentation for management decision-making
  • Document sourcing
  • Impact of rights & encumbrances
  • Feasibility studies & scenario analyses
  • Independent opinions
  • Reports for property decision-making

All reports can be delivered in German or English for international readability and usability.

Our strengths –
for your benefit

  • Many years of experience in the industry
  • Approved valuations
  • High-performing office management
  • Up-to-date industry software
  • Tailor-made reports to your needs
  • Our commitment to your business
  • Data storage exclusively in Germany
  • Supervision by professional bodies
  • Confidentiality

About us

We are real estate experts, who support your business with professional valuation reports.
Our strength is our understanding of our clients and their properties.