Our Clients

Our clients are as many and varied as the properties we value.
That’s why we enjoy our daily work and its diversification.
We would be delighted to support your business.

You are or work for a…

Fund / institutional investor

and require approved reports for regulatory purposes. We are personally accredited by BaFin to provide purchase and revaluation reports. Reports are tailor made to your needs.


and require risk-based mortgage lending valuations. We work with several German and foreign financial institutions, state & private banks as well as savings banks. We have been their trusted partner for many years now.


and would like to have a professional foundation for your decision-making purposes. Industrial, production and trading companies often utilise our experience for financial statements, apportionment of land & buildings in the course of company acquisitions, for the calculation of insurance values and to calculate potential added value.

Pension fund / pension scheme

and require valuations for your real estate assets both at purchase and on an annual basis.

Property Manager / Controller

and would like to review your property expenditure. We can support you with up-to-date and comprehensive insurance values for negotiation with building insurance companies and advice on value creation opportunities.

Insurance company

and require evidence on the volume and completeness of assets insured.
We provide support in the form of purchase and re-valuations.

Lawyer / tax advisor / accountant / judge

and require expert support. We can help with our clear analysis and transparent rationale.
We act for courts and also prepare expert opinions for involved parties in legal & arbitration proceedings.

Private individual / family office

and would like to have a reasoned and comprehensible report. Private clients appreciate our clear approach. Your condominium apartment, your detached house or multi-family apartment building is valued in an easily understandable format. We offer support in the case of gifts, inheritances, successions and other tax-related issues and are there to help with any property-related questions.

Valuations for

Financial statements
Apportionment of land & buildings
Company purchase/sale & M&A
Insurance purposes

Real Estate Consultancy

Presentations & in-house seminars
Litigation support
Management decision-making
Document sourcing
Rights & encumbrances
Scenario analyses
Value creation

About us

We are real estate experts who support your business with professional valuation reports. All across Germany.
Our strength lies in our understanding of the clients and their properties.